Derek Ridgway teaches in Sheffield

On the weekend of 4th-5th February Sensei Derek Ridgway 8th Dan KazokuKai taught at Sheffield UK. The club is run by Sensei Philip (Dill) Young 5th Dan KazokuKai. There was an excellent attendance of both junior and senior members and all trained really hard and left with their heads buzzing after some superb instruction.

Kata’s Pinan 1-5 were covered, then Naihanchin Shodan and finally Bassai Dai and Saifa. Principles were stressed many times by Sensei Ridgway stressing the importance of core principles which were taught in Naihanchin Kata. It was a 2 day course Saturday/Sunday and Sunday was for Senior black belts to work on high grade kata for their next Dan grade. Again great detail was stressed and the importance of adhering to core principles as taught at the session on the previous day.

Sensei Ridgway is teaching in Sheffield again on the weekend of 29th-30th April