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Chief Instructor:  Sensei Mike Scales – 7th Dan

 Tetsushi Tamayose with Sensei Mike Scales at a recent seminar

Sensei Mike Scales passes 7th Dan with Karate Canada

I am pleased to announce that Sensei Mike Scales successfully passed 7th Dan with Karate Canada on Thursday Jan 28th along with Kenny Corrigan -Wado Ryu, Dan Wallis – Wado Ryu and Chris Taneada – Chito Ryu. He is now appointed to the Karate Canada National Technical Committee in order to conduct National Dan gradings. We all congratulate him on his achievement. It is tremendous to see such a senior Karate-ka prepared to get in line and take his grade like his students. So well done Sensei Scales You are a fine example to all both young and old.



Mike on right with other successful candidates


Ryukyu Kobudo Tesshinkan Gasshuku 2012
Chilliwack, BC, Canada

Report by Mike Scales Chief Instructor for ShotoCanada and Coquitlam Shotokan

The annual Ryukyu Kobudo Tesshinkan camp was held over the weekend of September 14th – 16th 2012 in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. Chief Instructor Hidemi Tamayose 9th Dan and local Sensei Don Shapland 7th Dan where the instructors for the three days. Attending this years camp along with me were a number students from my dojo and ShotoCanada senior instructor Sensei Rob Ingram from Whitehorse in the Yukon. Students also came from many loctions in British Columbia, Alberta and the USA. The classes started on the Friday at 4:00 pm and went to 6:30 pm. As always the Bo Kihon were first covered in detail. Next was the Bo Kata Shushi No Kon Sho.

The Saturday class commenced at 9:00 am and yet again the Bo Kihon was covered for the first hour. Sensei Tamayose is known for his detailed repetitions of the Tesshinkan ten Kihon and will not move on until he is satisfied. Next was Bo Kata Shushi No Non Sho, Sakagawa No Kon Sho, Shushi No Kon Dai then Sakagawa No Kon Dai. The afternoon session was on to Sai starting with Kihon then on to Kata Ckikin Shitahaku No Sai, Chatanyara No Sai. Next was Nunchaku Kihon then kata Maezeto No Nunchaku and Akamine No Nunchaku. We finished the day Tekko Kata (knuckle duster) and Bo vs Bo Kumite.

The grading started at 4:03 pm. There nine taking the Shodan test and one for Sandan. I managed to pass Shodan. It has been very hard but also very humbling for me to have started from the beginning again with Tesshinkan Kobudo. I have been learning Kobudo from many sources since 1972 but I was aware of not being part of a complete system. I was lucky to connect with Sensei Don Shapland nearly two years ago and he accepted me as his student. Sensei Shapland teaches Shorin Ryu Karate as well as Tesshinkan Kobudo so it was a perfect fit for me as I have been visiting Okinawa with Sensei Derek Ridgway to study Shorin Ryu Karate from Sensei Isamu Arakaki 10th Dan. The stances and kihon in the Karate and Kobudo are the same so one helps the other. It has been most refreshing to go back to being as a white belt in another discipline and I would recommend this for any high Dan rank.

Sunday started with an hour of the ten Bo kihon until Sensei Tamayose was satisfied with our technique. Next we went through the Bo and Sai katas again then finished the day with the ten Bo-Tai-Sai (Bo vs Sai kumite)

The seminar finished at 12:00 noon. We said sayonara to Sensei Tamayose and went home with tired bodies and overflowing minds.

Note: I was very fortunate to attend Sensei Tamayose’s home dojo in Ozato during my last visit to Okinawa last year and plan to visit again in 2013.


Mike Scales 7th dan chief instructor for kazokuKai Canada. Mike recently won the gold medal in the very prestigious Sato cup in Canada. He beat off strong opposition and came away with the gold for Kazokukai. Our congratulations goes out to him for doing so well and putting KazokuKai firmly on the map in Canada

Chief instructor for Kazokukai Canada Mike Scales was Recently awarded his 7th dan in the photo opposite we can see him with Andy Holmes who was also awarded 7th dan. We congratulate Mike on his award which is much deserved after many years dedication to Karate.


Chief Instructor Kazoku Kai Canada
‘A’ Class Official
British Columbia Masters Champion



Below: Senior students at Mike’s Dojo

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