Kazoku Kai Membership


Kazoku Kai is an International Association with members around the world, including India; Canada; Germany; USA, Brazil, Venezuela, Sri-Lanka and The Gulf states

Kazoku Kai are members of the TRADITIONAL MARTIAL ARTS FEDERATION of which Derek Ridgway is the principle instructor and technical director. (a short description of T.M.A.F. can be found on the Association page).

Kazoku Kai charge no club membership for clubs joining the association. All we ask is that both students and instructors keep their licence up to date and that instructors take out professional indemnity insurance.

NOTE* An associate membership scheme exists for large groups with over 200 members. Such groups will pay a reduced licence fee for their members.

INSURANCE (U.K. only.)

As already mentioned all those who teach will be expected to take out professional indemnity insurance. The association has taken out a block policy which is underwritten by Alliance so you can be sure of the best cover at the right price. We have also increased our cover on each members individual licence, which gives up to £5,000,000 cover and also for adults (18 & over) we have a scheme which after the first two weeks of a karate injury the person receives £50.00 per week for up to 12 months to help pay the bills while they are off work. All this is included in each member’s annual licence fee. Again this cover is underwritten by Alliance Insurance company.


Licences are renewable annually forms are available from head office.


The record book is issued free with the first licence, it contains all the records of your karate progress. Plus your licence slip which you need to keep in case you need to claim.

Kazoku Kai issues two types of licence book; a green one for seniors and an orange one for juniors. They are both basically the same exept for the page that records grades. Here the senior book displays KYU/DAN grades, and the junior shows MON grades.


Kazoku kai have their own KYU/MON grade certificates which are A4 in size and in colour. We also have our own Dan grade certificates which are A3 in size again all in colour. We also have our own coaching refereeing and attendance certificates which are given to those who have completed the necessary requirements. For further details contact Derek Ridgway at head office.


Aims of Kazoku Kai

Kazoku Kai shall develop Karate along traditional lines, preserving the old Kata and their traditional Bunkai techniques, offering a friendly companionship to all like-minded Karate Ka whatever their race, gender or style. Kazoku Kai shall promote an interest in, and keep an open mind to Martial Artists of all styles and backgrounds within these aims. Kazoku Kai shall promote Karate as a means of self-discipline and personal fitness, recording and updating the history of its development through Kata and teachings. Kazoku Kai shall provide a safe training environment for anyone wishing to learn the art and history of Karate.

Benefits of Membership to Kazoku Kai

1. Free membership to any association who meet the criteria for membership.

2. Membership of an International Association with members all over the world

3. Training courses are available in the member’s own country with Chief Instructor Sensei Derek Ridgway at greatly reduced rates. These rates are negotiable between the Member and Sensei Ridgway, and vary according to individual circumstances.

4. Each member country has the freedom to run their own association and to conduct their own gradings in accordance with their own constitutions providing this adheres to the basic aims of Kazoku Kai International

5. The chance to grade with Sensei Derek Ridgway, 6th Dan, Chief Instructor, Kazoku Kai International

6. Official recognition of all grades on the Kazoku Kai national registry

7. Information and invitation to training camps around the world

8. Access to all the Kata from the four main styles of Karate

9. One of very few organisations to teach the entire Shito-Ryu Kata system consisting of over 100 Kata, and all their Bunkai and Okinawan Weapons systems.

10. Permission to use the world famous Kazoku Kai badge or emblem on Gi’s, equipment.

11. Use of Kazoku Kai official stationery and certificates

12. Free feature on Kazoku Kai website, with special section for members clubs and information

13. Second to none access to martial arts books and videos. Also second to none knowledge of Karate history and origins

14. To belong to a large family (Kazoku) of Karate-Ka with one ambition to train and upkeep the traditional values of Karate.