30th Anniversary for Kazoku Kai

30th Anniversary for Kazoku Kai


On Saturday 29th November Kazoku Kai held a big celebration to mark 30 years since it was started by Sensei Derek Ridgway. It is an outstanding achievement; very few associations have been going that long with so many senior people as members.
First part of the day was taken up with a special training course hosted by sensei Ridgway.

Training earlier in the day

The course was to cover the goju kata Seisan and was well attended by many seniors from 7th kyu to 7th dan. Some had done the kata before but it was new to some of the students so Sensei Ridgway broke the kata down into sections gradually building the kata from beginning to end. By the end of the training all present could get through the order from start to finish.

Haughton Hall Hotel our venue

Mid afternoon saw everyone head off to Haughton Hall Hotel set in the beautiful Shropshire countryside. Most people then either relaxed or made use of the leisure facilities, which included indoor pool, sauna, steam room, gym and massage.

The evening kicked off at 7.30 with everyone making their way to the large banquet suite where the party was to be held. After everone had had their fill of the superb hot buffet it was time for speeches and the giving out of awards. Sensei Ridgway gave a short speech then Sensei Philip Young read out a letter from Sensei Mike Scales chief instructor for Kazoku Kai Canada. The awards were then presented to the well deserved students (names and details below)
The last part of the evening saw us entertained by the band Looking Back who got everyone up on the dance floor and enjoying themselves. (you may recognise the singer/guitarist) to finish of the evening we had a fine Disco from Planet Zogg.

Looking Back do their stuff

A big thanks goes to all the guys in the band and to Greg and Dill for the disco.
So thanks to all who came it was a great event to celebrate a great 30 years for Kazoku Kai. We look forward to many more.

Awards were as follows.
Dan Grade Passes
Shodan Alex Mason
Nidan Alex Price, Dave Cremin, Tony Harley,
Sandan Maria Durdan
Yondan Dave Smith

Well done to all those who passed their dan grades

Long term service award Anthony Holt Philip Young Tony Bergin

Sensei Derek Ridgway would like to thank everyone who attended our 30th anniversary celebration day. Lets look forward to many more years of great training and coming together under the banner of Kazoku Kai.

Alex Mason receives 1st Dan diploma