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The Cascade Karate Club in Everett, Washington, USA

John Solheim. Senior Instructor

The Cascade Karate Club in Everett, Washington, USA was founded in 2001 by a group of serious karate-ka that had begun to question the value of our training as it applied to self-defence. At that time we began training under Akira Sato Sensei and have benefited greatly from and continue to receive his instruction and guidance. As we continued to seek instruction that would enhance our karate Sensei Mike Scales introduced us to Ridgway Sensei. Ridgway Sensei’s understanding of bunkai is unmatched and we feel exceptionally fortunate to have been accepted into the membership of Kazoku-Kai.

The vision for our dojo and practice of karate is to preserve the self-defence efficacy of karate as a bujutsu while promoting its greater value as a budo. We enjoy training hard and have become noted for our serious practice of karate and the high standards we set. The objectives we have for our students are that they not only develop formidable self-defence skill and an exceptional level of fitness, but also an indomitable sense of spirit and an enhanced sense of personal well being.

John Solheim, Above Chief Instructor of the Cascade Karate Club has been practising karate since 1992.

An accomplished kumite competitor the focus of his teaching and instruction since 2000 has been focused on karate as it applies to self-defense and as a tool for his students to achieve self-actualization. It is this focus along with a demanding training discipline that he brings to his instruction


Nancy Solheim

Nancy Solheim, is the dojo’s senior Sempai and primary assistant instructor. In addition, she has crafted and teaches a program of instruction based upon karate that is tailored to specifically address the unique self-defense needs of women.


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Below: John Solheim, Nancy Solheim, Mike Scales, Peter Collins, Ridgway Sensei