Pontesbury Sept 2017 report

Sat and Sunday 16th and 17th September saw the latest residential course at Pontesbury for Kazoku Kai.

There was a great turnout with people travelling from North Shields, Sheffield, Fakenham and Norwich as well as the usual local clubs.

Friday evening started with all the cooking and preparations for the weekend and the obligatory few pints in the local pub, the Plough Inn.

Saturday morning was a session on movement and evasion techniques using slight turns of the body to avoid attacks and counter easily, followed by the rolling bunkai for Pinan Yondan.

Sat afternoon was spent learning the kata Ishimini no Passai from Okinawa.  This is a very old version of Passai.

This was followed by the usual senior grading.  Alex Price passed 3rd Dan, Tony Harley passed 3rd dan and Stuart Smiles took his 3rd Kyu, congratulations to them all

On Sunday Sensei Dill young taught some pairwork training drills learnt from Patrick McCarthy, then Sensei Tony Holt taught us Koshiki Unsu with bunkai

The weekend was finished off with a recap of everything learnt.


A great weekend was had by all, thanks to everyone who attended, to Sensei Derek Ridgway, Sensei Peter Collins, Sensei Dill Young and Sensei Tony Holt for some great sessions and to Lori Ridgway for doing all the cooking